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Guangzhou City Guangzhou Ta -Canton Tower
Guangzhou City Canton Tower

IBA - Towards a New Architecture - Information Based Architecture

Mark Hemel Barbara Kuit Mark . . . BarbaraIBA believes in personal artistic design. We'd love to design your house, villa or place of work. We work worldwide. We use new State of the Art computer technology to design better, more exciting, and more beautiful spaces. Unique but functional architecture, is what we believe in. Integrating structural and environmental aspects with the artistic. IBA strives towards coherence, the kind normally only found in nature. We want to make a fresh start in bettering our cities with sustainable architectural objects and spaces that have an long term more


24 February 2013vacancy for talented rhino-literate 3D-modelling enthusiast; send CV+samples to

News on IBA

29 October 2013 11pm: AVRO TV: Close up: "Hemel in Guangzhou" documentary about Mark Hemel Barbara Kuit read more (NL)
12 October 2013AFFR: Architecture Film festival Rotterdam: world premiere: "Hemel in Guangzhou"read more (NL)
25 March 2013Opium Radio: Interview with Mark Hemel & Barbara Kuit
25 March 2013Pakhuis de Zwijger: Urban Movies 1 hour documentary + presentation (MH+BK) on Canton Tower "read more (NL)
25 February 2013Algemeen Dagblad; Interview with Barbara Kuit about Kingdom Tower in Jeddah; by Heleen Boex
29 January 2013ARCHINED; Book review by Eric Vreedenburgh; "Supermodel"Making one of the world's tallest towers read article (NL)
29 January 2013 Vrijstaat Amsterdam; Book review by Zef Hemel; "Supermodel"Making one of the world's tallest towers read blog (NL)
7 February 2013Radio 6; Tue 9pm "de Avonden"; 20 min. interview re; our book "Supermodel", by Botte Jellema

Shortcuts to some Recent Projects
Canton TV Tower Guangzhou TV station Nan Yue Museum Velodrome Guangzhou
TV tower, Guangzhou, China TV station, Guangzhou, China Nan Yue Museum, China Velodrome, Guangzhou, China

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