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Extreme Sport Center - Rapid Prototype - SLS - models


The porous shell is conceived as being organic, grown from an inner-logic, a DNA similar to the human DNA, that structures and integrates all the different aspects of it's architecture into one coherent organism. Material is spread over the shell is such a way that it optimally performes. The result is intended to create a internal cohrence between the various aspects of architecture . In this case the porous surface/mass is intended to perform as structure , as light filtering device, accoustic damper, and architectural and esthetic space.

Rapisd Prototype modelling

The models are made by a Rapid Prototying Technique called SLS Laser Sintering. A computer model is so build up layer after layer, resulting eventually in a fully 3D prototype. This technique allows increasing complex forms and shapes to be modeled in a reasonable time period.