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Shenzhen Bay Square International Competition, China


Time:2018 - ongoing
Total land area: 147,500 sqm
Buildings: 81,500 sqm
Underground: 94,100 sqm
Client: Bureau of Public Works of Nanshan District, Shenzhen China Resources Land
Partner: Shenzhen Institute of Building Research


Life museum: 10,370 sqm
Design museum: 20,600 sqm
Nature museum: 9,500 sqm
Technology museum: 9,500 sqm
Resturant: 5,600 sqm
Eco podium: 44,000 sqm
Innovation center: 7,800 sqm
Public university: 8,500 sqm
Parking: 25,000 sqm


The Shenzhen Bay square has a mix of ingredients, with which will be able to set a new standard in urban design. It matches hyper modern techniques like 3D printing to build the buildings. The square is fully integrated into the ecological fabric of the talent park. It will be a space where people can leave the dense city behind and enjoy to breathe the fresh sea-wind and enjoy the openness.

The functions below the square are to form one continuous cultural complex; the museums each having their own interest groups will in the underground space worktogether to maximize their efficiency and optimize their educational and supportiveendorsement for new and emergent technology and design.

Design team

Mark Hemel, Barbara Kuit, Jianhua Zhang, Cismaru Gabriel-Cosmin, Sevan Radu-Mihai, Sana Sajid, Elisa Fliz