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Information Based Architecture welcomes you

Information Based Architecture Welcomes You

IBA specializes in elegant complexity. We have the expertise and the vision to unravel challenging architectural and infrastructural problems into a clear and compelling proposal. Using conventional and cutting-edge materials, we build things - museums, communication towers, furniture, houses, office towers – that enliven the landscape and that stimulate our innate sense of wonder. And we always work within the needs and the resources of our clients, including such fundamental issues as cost efficiency, functionality and the creation of value.

While working on large-scale projects we team up with the best and most innovative international consultants available, including the world’s leading experts in environmental sustainability, wind tunnel technology and the building of supertall structures. We invite you to wander around this website and to explore our projects, including the world's tallest TV tower, the Canton Tower, which includes floating gardens, a revolving restaurant and the world’s highest ferris wheel.

IBA is committed to architectural excellence, to productive working relationships with our clients, and to creating structures that inspire the imagination.

Mark Hemel and Barbara Kuit, IBA Partners

Mark Hemel in the observation box of the Canton Tower

The Importance of Client Input

We listen to clients, because we know that in order to come to exceptional architecture the collaboration between client and architect is essential. The relationship has to click.

Architecture entails substantial financial investments, so it is important to feel you can trust each other to make sure that this investment will pay off and enrich the lives of the people that use the building and the environment in which it exists.

Not all clients realize that the quality of architecture depends to a large degree on the client. It comes down to taste, trust and cooperation. If a client strives for something exceptional, progressive and sensitive architects can help achieve these ideals.

So if you are planning any architectural project you would like to discuss, then please do contact us for a first discussion.

If you are planning an architectural project, or what IBA can do for you, please contact us for a first discussion at